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            Party Secretary Zhang Jialin went to research


            The morning of June 8, the party secretary Zhang Jialin Pharmaceutical Group, lead pipes State Minister Zhang Yi, Vice Minister of Ciaran, party-Clarence M. Davis, vice minister of the work of 5 people and his party came to a biochemical understanding of the work the company party, team building. General Manager Chen Binhua a biochemical, party secretary Sun Zhongtong Da, Mr Zhang and his party received. Accompanied by the leaders in the company, Mr Zhang and his party first visited the Second Workshop Ⅱ, Workshop for the new GMP certification passed congratulated, but also the future development of the new workshop has given encouragement. Subsequently, Sun Zong party on behalf of a biochemical introduced to Mr Zhang and his party in recent years, the main work of party committees and the results of harvest, Mr Zhang after listening party in recent years, the work of a biochemical affirmed. He said that in recent years, from the side with a biochemical, starting from the smallest office, for the sake of employees, every step of the small change, trifle employees have been recognized. He also pointed out that the party work in 2010 focused on team building, especially the technical team of engineers to build up.


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